Care / FAQ


General Care

It's best  to remove jewelry before swimming/bathing, sweating or heavy exercise, wearing excessive fragrances, oils or sunscreen, or exposure to other potentially damaging chemicals.

All soldered jewelry pieces are made of 100% lead-free solder and is non-toxic (please do not try to eat though).

If pearls are exposed to chemicals or extended wear and tear / any of the above the nacre/shine can become dull.  Pearls are sensitive in nature! To clean pearls wipe with a damp cloth.

Sterling silver will tarnish with continuous wear, it is safe to clean with light soapy water and a soft brush or cloth or q tip.

Jewelry should be the last thing put on and the first thing taken off... it will live a healthy life :)

For any other questions please feel free to reach out via instagram DM or email